Gathering 6 – Simple Interactive Gratitude

Informal - 15 minutes
  • Warm greetings with eye contact and smiles as people are welcomed in
  • Pre-printed name tags retrieved – provide a conversation starter note for each week
  • Serve simple refreshments
  • Mingle and offer warm greetings to others
  • Conversation Starter: Ask, “How did the song between the Bocelli’s affect you?”
Non-formal – VIDEO – whole group – 30 minutes
  • 4 yawns to place onto Christ any cares of the day/week and to quiet/calm – 2 minutes
  • Prayer to welcome God’s presence and read Psalm 139:13-18 – 2 minutes
  • Watch Video – 9 minutes
  • Each person share a 30-60 second gratitude/appreciation or read an excerpt from your journal – 10 minutes
  • Each person answer the inquiry, “Describe a physical injury you suffered in the past.” – 10 minutes

Split up into gender-specific triad (or 2 close friends) – 20 minutes
  • Write a sentence or two of gratitude to God. Write down what you imagine God might be feeling or saying back to you in response. – 10 minutes
  • Read your interchange with God to your group without comments – 5 minutes
  • Say a blessing prayer over the person on your left – 3 minutes
Regather whole group – 10 minutes
  • 4 people read their interactive gratitude to the whole group – 5 minutes

Read the poem of the week

Learn and sing: Brother, Let Me Be Your Servant

(Full stanzas and lyrics are below. Learn 4 stanzas at this gathering.)


Fun-work: The host will email the video homework assignment to everyone
  • Journal a bit about your experience this week.

Fun Work: Dick and Rock Hoyt

(Possible two week break?)