To equip, support, and mobilize the Body of Christ to form interconnected identity groups that heal and mature disciples in both Triads and Micro-Church Families.


To be a catalyst for a relational revolution which raises up Jesus-centered kingdom families that spread God’s love and joy among every people group


  • Jesus Christ as King & the Kingdom of God
  • “Hesed” – deeply connected love relationships with God, one another, neighbors, and enemies
  • Immanuel Lifestyle – enjoying the experiential presence of God as a lifestyle
  • Immanuel Healing – inner-healing of the heart from trauma and pain
  • Multigenerational family – grace-based, love-bonded, interracial, socio-economically diverse, young & old, international families of affection
  • Equipping disciples of Christ holistically utilizing all the dynamics necessary for transformation: instructional, relational, experiential, spiritual
  • Developing relational, emotional, and social intelligence and maturity
  • Mobilizing the people of God to heal, mature, and carry out mission through identity groups: a. Triads, b. Micro-Church Families