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Jesus Tribes:   

We are a Jesus-centered catalyst for a

relational revolution, a kingdom family

movement whose mission is to connect,

equip, support, and mobilize the body of Christ

to spread God’s love and joy among every people group

in all nations

What is a Jesus Tribe?

A “Jesus Tribe” is a closely related group of people, sons and daughters of God, within an extended spiritual family, that unite around Christ and the advancing of Christ’s Kingdom. They have unity of mind,  heart and life with common values, vision, culture and strategies. A “Jesus Tribe” is a loving family-of-families who direct their energy and resources to solving real problems with kingdom solutions in any chosen area of life such as: natural families, marketplace, education, media, arts, social & civil government.

Why Jesus Tribes?

God is inspiring a global revival and reformation within the Church that is resulting in millions of new believers coming under the Lordship of Christ and the rapid expansion of God’s kingdom on earth. These newly born-again sons & daughters of God require a new breed of leaders to help them heal and mature into the likeness of Christ. Quality discipleship requires healthy relationships within family-community. It is an absolute and critical necessity to raise up Christ-centered leaders who can gather people into loving relationships which is foundational for the successful achievement of the corporate mission. It is impossible to become a mature son/daughter of God apart from an international spiritual family (“Jesus Tribe”).


Dr. Tim’s New Book!


We need a big surge of love! The world is in serious trouble. Mass violence, the dissolution of the family, crime, poverty, and moral decay are rooted in the breakdown of love relationships with God, family, and others. Honest leaders have become painfully aware that institutional church programs are falling short in solving these problems. Therefore, this training manual proposes the biblical strategies which will actually affect change in people and culture. It is all about igniting much more love!

The church is to be the primary catalyst for bringing the kingdom of God on earth. This is a field manual to help us advance Christ’s kingdom.

God is a Father, Son and Spirit – a Family of Three, yet One. Therefore, He will only build His kingdom in congruence to His own nature, which is the Trinitarian pattern of family.

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