Life rushes by at flurried pace
Unless I clear some sacred space
To adore the Source of all gifts good
And grace appears to change my mood

My thoughts return to traveled miles
That reapply forgotten smiles
I live again sight, sound and smell
Deep thanks drawn up as from a well

Wind, quake and fire weren’t sent to save
As Elijah watched within the cave
Grand drama past, so we have heard
In whispered silence was God’s word

Soul take time on this holy ground
Remove your shoes don’t make a sound
Awareness dawns… A Face of God
Was just discerned upon this sod

Find words of thanks now to employ
As you recall the slightest joy
His presence comes and won’t depart
Christ inspires a grateful heart

So imagine He is speaking clear
You feel His heart instead of fear
Mirrored thoughts? Yes, this can be
For He says we are His poetry