Gathering 12 – Celebrating Life Together

Informal Video - 10 minutes
  • Warm greetings with eye contact and smiles as people are welcomed in.
  • Watch the video – 7 minutes
  • Lay out the food, pray and serve.

Pot Luck Dinner - 40 minutes
  • Around the tables share: “This is what I appreciate about you….”
Non-Formal - Whole Group - 45 minutes
  • Prayer to welcome God’s presence and read John 15:9-11 – 2 minutes
  • Each person share their testimony of the impact that the group experience has had
    on them and/or read excerpts from their journals

Read the Poem of the Week

Sing: We are One in the Spirit

Fun-work: The host will email the video homework assignment to everyone
  • Journal final thoughts, memories and feelings from these 12 weeks. 
  • Share with 2-3 people beyond the group what you experienced by participating in this group.

Fun Work: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus