Gathering 10 – Immanuel Healing – Part 3

Informal - 15 minutes
  • Warm greetings with eye contact and smiles as people are welcomed in.
  • Blank name tags with pens available to draw simple feelings on them. (Faces expressing Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Trust, Distrust, Anticipation or Surprise.)
  • Serve simple refreshments.
  • Mingle and offer warm greetings to others.
  • Conversation Starter: Ask, “What has been the highlight and/or lowlight of your week?”
Non-formal – VIDEO – whole group – 30 minutes
  • Three sets of “4-4-4-4” breaths to place onto Christ any cares of the day/week and to quiet/calm – 2 minutes
  • Prayer to welcome God’s presence and read 1 John 3:16-24 – 2 minutes
  • Watch Video – 17 minutes (Tim’s Immanuel Testimony)
  • Each person share a 30-60 second reason why they chose their sticker – 10 minutes
  • Each person answer the question, “What do others say they like most about you?” – 10 minutes

Split up into gender-specific triad (or 2 close friends) – 20 minutes
  • One person from the group
  1. Describe your “golden memory” to the group and re-live the experience.
  2. Ask Jesus how He was interacting with you in that blessed situation. Describe your perceptions to the group.
  3. Ask Jesus if there is any upsetting or joy-killing experience from your recent or distant past that He wants to touch, heal and resolve.
  4.  Ask Jesus to interact with you in the painful memory.
  5. Share your perceptions of what Jesus was doing or saying in the midst of that upsetting situation. Describe this experience to the group as it unfolds.

(Review the special note in the Facilitator Guide for an alternative set of questions.)

  • Say a blessing prayer of thanksgiving over the person who shared – 3 minutes Describe 
Regather whole group – 10 minutes
  • A few folks share a 30 second gratitude/appreciation from this gathering

Read the poem of the week

Sing: Christ Accepted You!

Fun-work: The host will email the video homework assignment to everyone
  • Journal a bit about your experience this week.

Fun Work: When I See You Audrey Assad